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ill-defined hypoechoic solid nodule

Hi. I recently had an ultrasound and the findings were - ill-defined hypoechoic solid nodule with calcifications. Birads category 4, suspicious abnormality. It contains .17cm .17cm .21cm calcifcations measuring 2.62x2.52x1.32 cm (LxWxAP). What does this mean?
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There really isn't an answer to your question but when you have the recommended biopsy it should be clear as to what this finding represents. At the moment it is only suspicious and cannot be determined whether it is benign or possibly malignant. You don't state your age but I would think that a Mammogram may be done before the biopsy but I'm sure your treating Physician will explain all this in detail for you. I can tell you that the lesion is less than 1 inch at it's largest measurement, as stated it is solid and contains calcifications. When calcifications are found in groups or certain patterns they can indicate something of a more serious nature. Please let us know the results of your biopsy or whatever additional studies are done. We like to follow-up and it also is some benefit to others who read the posts to gain information as it pertains to their situation ... Regards ....
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