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invasive ductal carcinoma stage 2a, grd 2, node negative treatment options

My sister who lives in the Philippines (49 yrs old, still menstruating) was diagnosed March 2010 with invasive ductal carcinoma on her left breast. she had a lumpectomy, and node dissection March 27 2010. they also did a secondary operation because on the first one, the margins were not clear according to her surgeon.
her pathology reports are as follows (after the first surgery):

1) breast mass/lumpectomy specimen size 6x5x2.7 cm, ill defined mass 3.5x3.7 cm - invasive ductal carcinoma, moderately differentiated nottingham modification richardson-scarf bloom : tubule formation (2), nuclear pleomophism (2), mitotic score (1)
2) specimen breast tissue aggregate dimensions 3.5 cm - negative for tumor involvement
3) axxilary fat and lymph node aggregate dimension 4cm - all 19 nodes negative for tumor involvement
HER2 to CEP 17 ratio 1.04 - no gene amplification observed
estrogen receptor assay p.p +1 ( less than 10% positive cells), s.i. +1 (light stain or immunoreaction)
progesterone receptor assay p.p. +3 (more than 50% positive cells) s.i. +1 (light stain)

Her doctor wanted her to undergo radiation and chemo. also tamoxifen. she was scared and did not undergo chemo and radiation. she took tamoxifen for about 3 months late last year her periods stopped for a bit. stopped tamoxifen due to terrible body pain (doctor not supportive at all, dismissed her complaints). she says she feels better now that she stopped tamoxifen. she most likely had lypmhedema, docs again not supportive or not explaining what to do with her arm.

I have heard that some people with stage 2a cancer does not need to undergo chemo or radiation. Is this true? Based on my sister's lab results, what would be the best treatment for her? Currently she is not takign any meds, just changed her lifestyle/eating habits.
She would also like to try naturopathic ways. Any recommendations? Please help!


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If I was going to choose to NOT have chemo and rads I would at least have had a mastectomy.

I would not have made any of the choices your sister made.

Best wishes.
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