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itchy rash on left breast

hey i have a itchy rash on my left breast i am 20 years old i am very scared because sometimes i get a little nervous because i been looking symptoms from hiv to breast cancer and like im so stressed out i just want to know if its normal and like i need a prayer.
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Don't worry, this is not a sign of cancer, very rarely do I see a patient with a red itchy breast who has that rare inflamatory cancer. Just remember you are a daughter of God and don;t place your life, well being or spirit into the hands of those who would use you. Your life and the gift of your affections ideally would only go to those who deserve your love and whom you love and commit to in return.Prayers are with you.
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I suggest that you see your Dr. for an examination in regards to the itchy rash you have. It is true that there is one type of breast cancer that has skin symptoms but what you describe doesn't sound like that. You might even think about seeing a Dermatologist about the skin rash.  Regards ....
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