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itchy right nipple, wrinkled flaky aerola

My right nipple is been itchy more than 2 months, cortisone cream isnt helping.
my aerola wrinkled and flaky.
I stopped breast feeding 3 months ago.
I am going for a mammogram next wednesday.
any idea what could be this? Hope its not pagets!
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This problem could be a  form of yeast infection, which is not uncommon in breast feeding mothers.
If this is what's going on,you would need appropriate medication to have it resolved..By the way,Cortisone cream can alleviate the itch,but will not heal yeast infection.
Paget's disease of the nipple is a rare type of cancer that starts similar to a skin problem ( Eczema) that can indeed be overlooked by many doctors.If you are worried about this disease,talk to your doctor who,after evaluating your symptoms, might order (in addition to a Mammogram) a simple punch biopsy that could be performed also by a dermatologist who will definitely let you know if it's serious or not.
I doubt that this is your case,but it's better to make sure.
In any case, it's a good thing that you are having this problem investigated and hopefully it's nothing serious at all.
Best wishes...
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Thank You so much for your message!
I am just about to loosing all my positive thinking, I hope thats what I have an yeast infection.
I do also have swollen lymph Nodes in my neck and under arms.
The itching is not all day, but its kind of internal to.
Thank you again,
I am going back to see my family doctor tomorrow, and my mammogram its scheduled for next Wednesday.  
Have a great day!
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You're more than welcome!
Glad to know you'll be seeing your doctor tomorrow.
Usually lymph nodes swell because there is inflammation or infection somewhere in the body due to common colds,sinus or ear infections, and  also breast infections (Mastitis)which could be related to the itch you feel under your nipple skin.
I am sure your Doctor will investigate these other possibilities and have this problem taken care of.
Please let us know (Using this same thread) how things are proceeding after you see your doctor and when you get your mammogram results okay?
All the best to you....
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My doctor think i have some kind of milk duct infection, so he prescribed me some greasy cream.  I am using it dosnt feel any different.  Itch comes and goes, half of my nipple is swolen.  ..
Here i am waiting for get the mammogram done,  scared ;(
And here ill go. N    
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Hi again,
I wonder why your Doctor did not prescribe some type of antibiotics if he/she thinks it's an infection.
Anyway,don't be scared....the Mammogram you'll be having will clarify things for you.
If you don't see any improvement, with the medication your doctor prescribed,I would advise you to consult a  Breast Specialist who will most probably investigate this problem and hopefully resolve it.
Take care...
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Hi Zouzi,

My family doctor was off for a couple of days so I still dont know the mammogram result, i hope that tomorrow i will be able to talk to him.
I have anxiety, very scared, i know i shouldn't till i ll find out what is going on, but  I cant be relaxed, its been going on for a while, and now my breast is sore to on and off, itchy nipple on and off ,i feel some discomfort light pain in my under arm etc... Arghhh Everything is take so long...:(
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