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large mass 2 weeks after surgery

I had a surgical breast biopsy 2 weeks ago. The finding was LCIS. I have had no problems with the surgeery until last night when I started having some pain in the arm on the side of the surgery. I also found a large mass under the surgical site. During the night I developed a throbbing pain in my breast. The mass in my breast is very hard. If any one has had this happen or know what it might me I would like to hear from you. Thanks, Laura
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First of all you need to call your Surgeon .... this may be a hematoma and needs some attention. When something like this happens after surgery it's the Surgeon and not the Internet to contact.     Regards .....
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I had a breast biopsy and developed the very same thing under the surgical site of my biopsy. My breast throbbed like yours. The mass was very hard and very big and warm to touch. I went to my surgeon and he examined it and  said it was a hematoma and would go away in approx 2-3 months. It is slowly getting smaller...reabsorbiong into my system. Hope this helps.
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