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left breast pain 3yrs

3yrs ago, I started having sharp pains in my left breast along with pain in back shoulder and heaviness in chest area. I went to ER and was checked out for heart problems (ekg,stress test) no problems were found. Other doctors visits - possible pulled muscle or torn cartilage. Pain pills given - but pain still returns. Was told "cancer is not painful" so no need to do tests.
After 3yrs of ongoing/reoccuring pain, I am concerned it could be more than a pulled muscle. Just curious to have another opinion!
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Dear gobler:  Pain that travels to the shoulder and back and that causes heaviness in the chest is not a "typical" presentation of breast cancer.  Without evaluation, including a physical examination, we cannot speculate as to the cause of your pain.  You need to see your doctor for evaluation.  
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How interesting to hear this. I experienced the same thing about a year ago...went to ER twice in 2 days, had ALL the tests, and...nothing. The doctor decided that it must have been a tight muscle in the back that was pinching nerves that wrap around to the chest. I did have a specific area near my shoulder blade that was sensitive to touch. Good luck figuring this out!
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A couple of things to try.  Cut out caffeine.  Also have someone check for trigger points -- those hard knots one gets -- no, don't see just 'someone' -- pay to see a massage therapist - someone who knows about myofascial release.  

There are exercises which will help tremendously.  Also, if there's a lot of congestion in the muscles, a saline injection is sometimes used, and that you would get from a physician who is clued into myofascial release, if called for.

I did not have the saline injection, but cut out caffeine, had a friend work on the trigger points, mine in the left trapezius, muscles in my back, and did the exercises.
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PS With myofascial release, as with any action, including massage, that 'gets things moving', be sure to assist by drinking plenty of water immediately afterwards, and throughout the next few days.  (We should all drink lots of water, anyway).
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Good point regarding massage therapy. I failed to mention that I did follow up with weekly massage for a few months (my insurance covered it) and it did help loosen things up in my back. Tight muscles in the back can affect so many areas of the body, including causing pain in the chest and breasts.
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Is there any swelling in the breast or is one larger than the other?
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