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left breast pain also

I also am having breast pain- and previous posts are helpful- it's also my left breast, and actually started about 2 months ago as sharp pains that I thought at first were heart pains.  Those eventually went away and for the last month have manifested as achey discomfort that sometimes resembles pain that I have had before my cycle has begun, but it would go and come throughout the day, and is now ALL the time.  It is ONLY my left.  Last week, had a mammogram and ultrasound done.  Everything was clear, clean and perfect.  They have no explanation for why I am having pain, and I have never had premenstrual breast pain only in one breast- always been all or none.  SOOO, now, it is just like others have described- painful and debilitating.. can't run anymore, can't move without considering how my left breast is going to feel.  Sleeping, walking, sitting- I am fully aware of the discomfort at all times.  I know glands and other things can change with age, but I am 28 years old and have never had problems like this before.  In fact, I have had virtually no premenstrual symptoms besides MILD breast tenderness until now... I don't even know if that is what this is, but for now- no breast cancer- which is a relief.  For those concerned with getting a mammogram, they are not bad.  A person is there adjusting how tightly the machine comes down on each breast, and it is not as traumatic as I envisioned.  I have talked to many women that don't get them done because they are scared of the procedure and possible discomfort- it isn't bad- go do it.

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