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left breast pain
i have had pain in my left breast and some times in the right,but mostly in the left
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If you have no other symptoms,like feeling a lump,nipple inversion and discharge,or breast swelling,I really wouldn't worry too much about breast cancer,since this disease is almost never associated with pain,especially when it's bilateral.
Cyclic breast pain (Mastalgia) is very common and is usually caused by hormonal changes in the body,particularly if you are on birth control pills,have gained weight,or maybe wearing a bra that doesn't fit properly.
To help reduce breast pain try wearing a good supportive bra to reduce breast movement.Many women with breast pain find it comfortable to also wear a bra while they sleep.
Also try to reduce your caffeine intake (coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate).
Maintain a low fat diet rich in fruits, vegetables, losing excess weight may reduce breast pain by stabilizing hormone levels.
You don't state your age,but I would advise you to see your doctor for a clinical breasts exam to make sure that there isn't an underlying problem.
Occasionally, non cyclic pain may be caused by a" fibroadenoma" or a"cysts".(Both benign findings) If this pain is caused by one of these benign findings,treatment may relieve the pain you are experiencing.
Take care...
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