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lingering pain above left breast

About a month ago and a half I experienced sharp pain in the middle of my chest towards the left breast.  The breast itself was painful.  Saw 2 doctors, found a lump but nothing to be concerned about, pain thought it was inflation in my ribs.  Refered to an ultrasound to be safe - nothing.  Thought thank goodness. Went back to the doctor when the pain would not go away after 3 weeks.  X-ray - nothing.  The pain is not as painful, it just comes and goes.  And as I type this it's been there for about 30mins plus.
The doctor doesn't see anything so nothing is there (according to him). I thought I'd ignore it and pretend it isn't there but it is uncomfortable.  Please could you give me possibles.
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Dear infoplease:  Breast pain can be very common and there can be many possible explanations.  Also, if this pain is in your chest have cardiac causes been evaluated and/or ruled out?  Without evaluation, we cannot speculate as to the cause of the discomfort or make any meaningful recommendations.  If the pain is truly isolated to the breast, you may benefit from an appointment with a breast specialist.
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I would see a breast specialist and read up on inflamation of the breast. Google it. Best of health.
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