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my sister-in-law had lipomas in her both breast since 4 yrs..but 3 days back she had a surgery and doctors took out 5kgs and 40 grms of lipoma's fat. But the colour of that lipoma's fat was white. so the doctor said it was started growing into cancer..but on time it was removed. Her condition is very serious as she has got 312 stitches. and she is also suffering from fever from past 3 days and doctors are giving her anti-biotics but she is still is a serious condition.

So it is really true that lipomas can grow into cancer.?
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Lipomas are usually relatively small benign tumors with diameters of about 1–3 cm, but in rare cases they can grow over several years into "giant lipomas" that are 10–20 cm across and weigh up to 4–5 kg
Some sources claim that malignant transformation can occur, while others say that this has yet to be convincingly documented.But I guess that the surgeon would not have mentioned that this giant lipoma could have turned into cancer if that was not the case.
Obviously,your sister had  major surgery that got complicated by an infection.I hope the antibiotics will in time make her feel better.
Best wishes to both of you.
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