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lump and sunken breast

Three days ago I found a large, round lump in my right breast just above my rib cage. It was free moving. It was NOT there just 24 hours earlier. I had my physical 2 months prior and a clean mammogram 1 month prior. I saw my Dr. the following day, but couldn't get in for an ultrasound until this coming Tues.

Yesterday, the lump had grown in size and my breast above my nipple to my upper breast bone has "caved in" somewhat--not significantly, but enough that I can feel it. Today, day 3, the lump seems as if 1 or 2 more smaller lumps have attached to the main, now elongated lump, forming a more clustered lump instead of the large, round ball it originally was on day 1.

What does this "sound" like in the terms of possible benign or malignant breast cancer possibilities? I would just like to be educated on the possibilities so I know what questions to ask the doctor when the time comes.
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This sounds like a cyst or maybe a fibroadenoma.( both benign findings)Breast cancer can’t grow overnight and the mass is usually not movable.Most lumps that actually do crop up suddenly are most probably cysts or fibroadenomas which are influenced by female hormones and can fluctuate in size.
The formation of a lump can sometimes pull the skin into the breast causing an indentation.Benign causes could cause the dimpling such as large cysts or other benign growth.
Please note that I am just giving you my opinion on what I think this lump could be,but it's really important to see your doctor promptly to order an Ultrasound to find out about the true nature of this lump.Depending on the lump characteristics,would determine what needs to be done next.
There are really no questions to ask your doctor before you find out what is going on.
Hoping that there is nothing to worry about and wishing you all the best...
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Thank you for responding. I was thinking it was most likely a cyst until it started "morphing" into a massive cluster and my breast began to "cave in" for lack of a better description. I am definitely going to keep my appointment for the ultrasound tomorrow. I do truly appreciate your reply. I researched on the web yesterday and really couldn't find much on what I was describing, so I ended up just depressing myself.
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