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lump in Armpit


I have a small coin sized lump on my left armpit....It feels like a fatty like tissue but it seems to be fixed somewhere.I am thin and dont have any heart or other health related issues.No cancer in our family.I have not yet seen a doctor yet,but i guess i am imagining the worst.

Can you please help me?.
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How long have you noticed the lump for? Has the size changed? How old are you? Have you experienced any associated symptoms of nipple discharge etc? Lumpiness in the breasts is normal due to hormonal fluctuation during the mestrual cycle in females. Do you notice any association with your menstrual cycle? Well you need to get a clinical evaluation done at the earliest and also ask your physician for a screening mammogram. That should put all doubts to rest and would also help to identify the lesion. Dont worry most lumps are not cancerous but they still need to be investigated to be absolutely certain. Goodluck.
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I am 24 years old.I noticed the lump while shaving my underarms....i saw it only last week hence i am not sure if it has grown.I have dont have any other symptoms which you have mentioned.
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You dont have to panic. You can just schedule an appointment with your doctor and get a clinical evaluation done. It might just be a lipoma, cyst, or lymph node enlargement due to bacterial infection etc. You might be prescribed antibiotics and topical application creams in case it is found to be of infective origin. Goodluck!
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Hi. I'm 23 and dealing with the exact same thing right now.  It's even in the same location!  Here is what I have learned in the past few weeks:  
1. Like Dr. Bhumika said, many lumps arent cancerous.  It could be just about anything.  If you call the American Cancer Society (look for them online or in the phonebook), they will send you some free information about breast changes.  They can send them by mail or email.  The pamphlets were really informative.  They explain about cancerous and non-cancerous changes in breast tissue, types of diagnostic tests, and they have links to organizations that can help you.
2.  The first thing any doctor will probably tell you is that it is very rare for women our age to have breast cancer.  It can make you feel better to hear that, or it can make you frustrated and make you feel like you aren't being taken seriously.  Personally, my doctor thinks I have great chances of NOT having cancer, but that tests should be done just to be safe.  She told me ANY change whatsoever, whether it seems likely to be cancer or not, should be evaluated through tests.  Remember that the odds are against you having it, but it does happen.  So, get it checked just to be safe.
3. If money is a problem and you don't have insurance, there are places that will help.  (I only know about the US )  Check the newspapers and look online for free clinics.  You can also call the cancer society and ask them for the phone number to the Planned Parenthood organization.  They can help you get tests done and have financial aid available.  Many cities have clinics which go on a sliding scale based on your income.  Call the local health department and ask them.  If they say they don't know, keep calling and asking until they find out.  I annoyed them until they finally helped me find a clinic to go to, lol.  Once a doctor looks at it, they call put you in touch with places that may help with the costs of ultrasounds, etc.
4.  Sometimes lumps will come and go with your menstrual cycles.  
5.  Lymph nodes are often sore when they are infected, but now always.  I freaked because my doc. said the lump was in an area where lots of lymph nodes are.  But, she reassured me that lymph nodes can swell for other reasons besides cancer.  Infection, etc.
6.  The fact that it moves is GOOD.  Mine moves but feels kind of fixed too.  It can be confusing so have a doctor check it.  Malignant tissue (including lymph nodes) tends to be firm and fixed in place.  That being said, there are ALWAYS exceptions to that rule.  So, just because it doesn't seem likely to be cancer, don't ignore it.
7.  Your doctor might tell you that you need a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasoundd.  This is standard procedure for any breast change and does NOT mean that they think you have cancer.  If the mammogram and ultrasound cant tell what it is, it does NOT mean it is cancer.  If they think it needs more attention, they will probably do a fine needle biopsy and test the cells for cancer.  If this doesn't work, a surgical biopsy may be necessary.  Still, many biopsied lumps turn out to be harmless
8.  If you doctor tells you he "thinks" it is nothing, get a new doctor who will do more tests.  If the free clinic wont give you a mammogram, ask the hospital billing department if you can work out a payment plan for an ultrasound.  It can be a hassle, but you will be so glad you got all the medical help that you needed.
9.  Waiting on a mammogram or other test is scary.  You start imagining all the things that could be wrong.  Try not to think about it and keep busy.  Go out with friends, watch lots of funny tv shows, read a good book, do anything except think about it and worry.  Worst case senario, if it is cancer, you have probably found it early and there are great treatments out there for it.  You are probably ok, though.  Dont panic.  
10.  Dont look on the internet too much, lol.  I started going on all these message boards, etc. and saw women my age who had cancer and were dying from it.  I was crying at work saying I"m going to be just like her, look she is my age"  There is a lot of good information (and some that is really bad) online about cancer.  Check out the American Cancer Society and the Breast Cancer foundation.  Remember that just because some of the people online are dealing with horrible cancers, doesnt mean that you will.  Your symptoms could be identical and it still might now be cancer.  The only way to know for sure is to have a biopsy.  
I really hope you are ok.  Sorry this is so long.  Have it checked out, you will feel so much better.  I also .imagined the worst, but the doctor told me he has NEVER felt one like mine that turned out to be cancer.  Even t hough he is pretty sure, we are still doing tests.  Talk to the doctor about  your fears.  I had an RN friend of mine check my lump and she said she had one exactly like it that turned out to be a dense fatty tissue, and totally harmless.  Talking to other people helps.  Dont try to deal with the stress by yourself.  Anyway, I'd better get off here and back to work, lol.  Let me know how it turns out and hugs to you.  
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