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lump in armpit

hi im 41yr old female. i found a lump 3 weeks ago in my armpit it doesnt hurt, been to the doctors who has refered me to hospital for test as she doesnt know if its cancer or not just by feeing it. i go next wednesday. iv convinced myself that it is bad news, iv got no lumps anywhere else, doctor checked my breasts, im worried to death. my neck and shoulders are aching aswell but hopefully i think thats just tension and stress from worrying, iv got no history of breast cancer in the family. if anyone can give me advice what this could be please xx
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First of all ... stop the stressing and I'm sure this is the reason (as you stated) is the cause of your neck and shoulder aches. This could be an enlarged lymph node and there are several reasons for this to occur. My best advice is to calm down and follow through with the testing that your Dr. has advised. PLease return and comment on this same thread when you get some results regarding this lump. Regards ....
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thankyou for replying to me, i havent been ill but i was working extremely hard and have been doing alot of lifting and because i felt tired i was taking pro plus to keep me going so i am wondering hopefully that this is the cause of the lump,
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