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lump in breast

a 10 year girl has a tender lump under the nipple of her breast.Should I be worried?What kind of doctor should I take her to if needed.

This discussion is related to Hard lump in armpit of my 10 year old daughter.
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Please don't worry,from your description,it sounds like the young girl is simply in the early beginnings of puberty which can very well start between the age 8 and 13.Sometimes both breasts will “bud” at the same time,but usually one side starts first, then the other side starts a few weeks to a few months later and catches up in size.
This painful lump under her nipple is most probably just a"breast bud"A she is growing up,many changes will occur in her body during puberty.
However,if you are worried,the best thing to do is to visit her Pediatrician for reassurance and to see if there are any other signs of puberty or other possible causes for the lump.
All the best to both of you...
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