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lump in breast

I had a lump in my right breast, then I went to a surgeon he felt the lump and drained some fluids from the lump,then told me he was going to remove it that day which was in mar 2010 now its may 2010 and the same lump is back and in the same spot. the only thing the surgeon said was the biopsy did not show cancer. so my question is how could this return again and the same spot. I am 35 years old.
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It is not unusual for cysts to come back, and/or for new ones to show up. These are benign lesions, as are also fibroadenomas, which grow and shrink with hormonal cvhanges. (i.e. you may notice them more before your period) They can hurt and be uncomfortable and are usually left alone unless very bothersome, or unless the doctor is not entirely sure wheather they may be cancerous, in which case a biopsy is performed. best, Katrin
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Ok but does it come back in the same exact spot within a two month frame the pain started a week ago but my period was off two weeks before that. But the first lump the doctor did not perform a biopsy he just removed it without actually knowing what it was besides a lump in my breast. he did not order a mammogram,ultrasound,no biopsys nothing just felt and cut. my new surgeon said he was suppose to perform some test before he actually cut me it is a very large mass so on monday I am having a needle biopsy before surgery again.And in small words he said if he had checked before he cut this mass might of not came back so fast in the same area.
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Hi there,
In my opinion your first Surgeon did a fine needle aspiration biopsy by drawing liquid or cells from the lump, and later proceeded with an excisional breast biopsy.(complete or partial lump removal) Both biopsies(Fine needle biopsy and excisional biopsy) must have been sent to a pathologist for microscopical examination to state that the lump did not show cancer.This is only a guess from my part,because I find it hard to believe that a Surgeon would remove a palpable lump without some sort of a biopsy procedure first.Your second Surgeon has also advised you that a needle biopsy is needed since a new lump has appeared on the same spot and has to be evaluated.
If the lump removed by the first surgeon was a Fibroadenoma, a cyst or another benign finding,it's very possible that a new one has formed again, as Katarina777 has suggested.Also it's possible that the lump is simply scar tissue or seroma (fluid collection) that could form after a lumpectomy or an excisional biopsy procedure.
Best wishes and good luck with your new Surgeon.
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Hi there well the surgeon did not perform no type of biopsy before the procedure, And it was hurd for me to believe it but at the moment all I wanted was the lump removed I had no idea what procedures should of been followed until the lump appeared again. But I have my complete medical report from his office and the pathology and it states no biopsy besides the pathology so it states I had an excisional biopsy in the office,there were no test done before my surgery. the pathology report from the previous lump said, The oval portion measuring 3.1x2.6x1.8cm and is light gray on cross section with a 0.8x0.6cm area of hemorrhage located 0.4cm. The microscoptic part reads acute and chronic mastitis with associated focus of organizing hemorrhage and no malignancy seen,so what does this mean and next week I am having my first needle biopsy to see what the new lump is before its removed which I think should of been done the first time.
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Hi, to you too.
I am not quite sure about the pathologist report saying:

""no biopsy besides the pathology so it states I had an "excisional biopsy"" in the office"

In my opinion an excisional biopsy is a "biopsy" and the sample extracted was examined by a pathologist stating that it was a benign finding.(No cancer) but a breast infection called Mastitis.
Also,I believe that the fine needle aspiration performed by your first surgeon(fluid drained) was also a  "Biopsy" (Same as your second Surgeon wants to proceed with  a fine needle aspiration next week)
Mastitis is a breast infection that sometimes is hard to treat,because it can reoccur.
I hope your new surgeon will put your mind at ease by proceeding  with the necessary tests and treatment to satisfy you completely.
Best wishes to you and God Bless..
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