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lump in breast

my daughter (38) has just had her 2nd mammogram and US in 3 months. She has been told the lump that she has in her breast is a B1. What does this mean? She is to have another follow-up in 6 months. However, if she feels any changes when checking her breasts, she is to return immediately to the docotr. I am concerned about what this designation means. She was also told a B3 is breast cancer. Does this mean that this is a precurser to cancer and that it "could be" developing into cancer later? Please enlighten me on this. Thanks.
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You stated that your daughter's last mammogram/ultrasound reported a BIR-RADS category 1. I am not sure if I understand this correctly,because a BIRADS Category 1 means normal, there are no suspicious masses or calcifications to report; tissue looks healthy. But you said that your daughter has a lump and that would make me think that her BIRADS score is most likely category 2.(You could call the radiologist to find out about the BIRADS score to make sure)
After a mammogram or breast ultrasound, a radiologist will read the image and write a report, giving an opinion on breast health.The American College of Radiologists set up standards for rating mammograms, which is called BIRADS (Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System).
Here are what these BIRADS categories mean.

A BIRADS score 1 means Negative - No imaging findings; recommends routine screening

Category 2 - means Benign - There are mammogram findings, but benign in nature; still recommends routine screening

Category 3 -- Probably Benign.There are no suspicious lesions, masses, or calcifications to report, Breast mammogram findings are most likely benign (>90%), but follow-up is recommended. This may be needed if your radiologist does not have a previous mammogram for comparison.(As you can see a BIRADS score 3 doesn't mean at all that it's cancer.)

Category 4 - Suspicious - Breast findings have probability of a malignant nature, biopsy is recommended.

5 - Highly Suspicious of Cancer - The breast findings have a very high chance of being malignant (>90%). Biopsy or more definitive treatment is recommended.

As you can see only the BIRADS 4 and 5 are suspicious,the latter being highly suspicious of malignancy.
If you are worried about your daughter's report,you can have the films read by another radiologist for a second opinion.But from what I can understand from your post, I don't think that you and your daughter have to worry so much.... but just follow the doctor's recommendations is all that is needed for now.
Keep in mind that many lumps found in breasts are of benign nature,even the ones that look suspicious.
Best wishes to both you and your daughter...
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My daughter has suffered since puberty with severe endometriosis. After she was married she was unable to conceive. She and her husband tried IVF four times with no success. They adopted a daughter at 2 months old. After that , surgery was suggested and she did follow through and have a hysterectomy with removal of one tube and ovary as well. Before surgery it was agreed that both tubes & novaries would be removed, but then the surgeon changed his mind during the surgery and left one intact. That was about 4 years ago. She has had recurrent severe abdominal pain which now is felt to be endometreosis again (from the remaining ovary) My concern is that somehow the hormones used during the IVF have been instrumental in  causing the breast lump(s). Is this feasible?
If this lump was cause for concern, would the Dr. not do a biopsy?
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Yes, you are absolutely right.If the lump detected on her mammogram was showing suspicious characteristics,the radiologist would have certainly ordered a biopsy.
Self breast exam is very important for your daughter to do every month one week after she starts her menstruation.(This is good practice for all women).
It is possible that the lump has appeared because of the hormone she has taken,but it doesn't mean that the lump in her breast is bad.Many young women have  lumps that are benign in nature.
I can understand how worried you are for your daughter.. I also have daughter and I worry too when it concerns her health.
I would suggest to your daughter to limit her caffeine intake( Coffee,tea,chocolate colas)
Also, if she feels too anxious and worried to wait six months for her next mammogram,she can always discuss with her Doctor to see if a biopsy(,which is the only way to know for sure about the nature of this lump),would be an option to consider.
I hope that your worries are unfounded and that your daughter is just fine.
Sending you my best wishes...
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According to Birads ratings for ultarsounds a B1 is classified as normal tissue. Hope this helps ease your mind a little.

B = benign mass, C = microcalcification, M = malignant mass, N = normal

B= benign mass
1= normal tissue

B1=benign mass that consists of normal tissue

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Thank you for your help. Sorry I have not responded. I have been away. Your info was very helpful. We are waiting now for another appointment for more information, Thanks again.
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