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lump in breast

my mother is having a lump in her left breast.In mammography it is said to be a nodal cluster of ductal cells.Doctor is saying it is to be operated.Is it cancer?
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I'm sorry to hear about your mother's breast concerns. I'm not sure what is meant by a
"nodal cluster of ductal cells".  Perhaps the doctor could explain this better to you in a way that makes sense to you and your mother. It may be just mean a mass in a duct
( as opposed to being in a lobe) that needs additional investigation. I would think the operation would be removal and biopsy. This is the only way to be sure if the lump is benign or not. Statistically, most lumps end up being benign, and I certainly hope this is the case with your mother. I'm sorry if this isn't real helpful but someone else may have more information for you. Please keep us updated on your mother's results or ask more questions if you have them.
Wishing you all the best and benign results for your mother,
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I wonder if your mom had a biopsy after the abnormality was detected on her mammogram.
If she did,do you know what was the BIRADS score stated on her report?
Radiologists have a system called BIRADS and it's used to categorize how suspicious are the findings detected on mammography and ultrasound.
If your mom did not have a biopsy,then I presume that the surgeon is considering an excisional biopsy.The whole abnormal area will be removed and the tissue extracted will be examined under a microscope by a pathologist to give an accurate diagnosis.
I am afraid that no one can tell you for sure what this lump could be...I really hope that it's not cancer,but only a biopsy of some sort will definitely let you know.
I wish you and your mom all the best and most of all BENIGN results.
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