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lump in breast

i resently found a lump (2cm) in my left lower part of my breast. it moves when i press on it and it doesnt really hurt i'm 25yrs old and no one has had breast cancer or ant cancer in my family. i just lost my mom last month and this is really worring me. i dont have insurance so im going to the county hosiptal. i have an appt next tues for an ultrasound. are most cancerous lumps mobile is what i was interested in. i've already seen a doctor and she did an exam and said its probably bengin, but i still want to get it checked out..

if anyone can help thanks.
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You are very smart to find out exactly what this lump is and there is no way to speculate as to what may be it's cause. Considering your age it is more likely that it will be benign but proper examinations must be done to confirm this. I applaud you for having this checked out. Let us know your results ... Good Luck
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