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lump in breast

I found a lump in breast that literally grew in a manner of hours. I showered the day prior and didnt feel anything. I noticed it after I ate a chocolate bar and took a caffein pill. My left breast has a lump inside the size mayb of a small ping pong ball and the skin outside the lump is pink. My breast feels full, disconfort and the lump moves around slightly. My nipple is fine and the right breast is fine.

Please advice...I am just hoping this does not fit the symptoms of IBC.

Thanks so much for your help.
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Some things to avoid with Fibrocystic Breast Condition certainly include caffeine. cysts can develop rapidly or seem to increase in size in that manner.IBC grows in sheets and NOT lumps, the entire breast may increase in size and become very hard or firm while being quite hot to the touch and what you describe doesn't seem to match the symptoms of IBC
Any change in the breast certainly deserves a visit to the Dr. for a clinical examination and any further testing that might be appropriate. In the meantime I wouldn't overdo the intake of caffeine.     Regards ....
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