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lump in left breast

i'm 18 drink loads of fizzy drink 2 or 3 red bull a day if that means anything. my left breast started hurting me 5 days ago and i didnt bother as much but now its scaring me i felt both my breast and feel something lumpy underneath my left breast it also feels bruised when i touch it and hurts when i wear a bra so i stoped wearing one. does anyone think its serious could it be breast cancer im really scared. my doctors available after a week to book me in or shall i go to emergency

thanks and i appreciate your help
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First of all I don't think that because you have detected a lump in you breast you need to go to the emergency,but seeing your doctor is a very wise decision.
This could be a cyst which can appear at any age, in teenagers as well as in older women.These cysts are related to the increasing hormonal fluctuations and the pain is particularly felt prior to the menstrual cycle and subside after the menses finish..
Avoiding caffeine, (Coffee,chocolate and colas) salty food and fatty food can lessen the pain considerably and minimize cysts enlargement.
The energy drink "Red bull" contains 80 milligrams of caffeine and I suppose that having 2 or more of these drinks a day doesn't help the situation.
Please don't worry or be scared..Most breast's lumps are harmless especially at your young age.
Let us know how things are proceeding and I hope that all is going to be alright.
Take care...
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