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lump in my 20s

im 23 and I have a lump in 1 of my breast..its been there for maybe 5 years or more and it hurts sometimes only in the spot where the lump is..around my period it seems to feel like pins and needles I guess and it feels a bit tender and my breast in general seem more tender. the lump hasn't gotten bigger and its seems to be moveable and hurts w/e spot it moves..could this be a cyst?

also the arm where my breast is at seems to feel prickly like pins and needles sometimes..i don't know if that is related to this lump or i guess a stress related problem
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I hope you're in the mood for a lecture ... here it comes.  5 YEARS and you haven't seen your Dr. for a clinical breast exam and possibly an Ultrasound to determine what this lump might be ???? Yes it could be a cyst OR a fibroadenoma and probably is but you still need to have this investigated by your Dr. In the future if and when you discover something not normal within your breast you need to see your Dr. immediately for an exam and diagnosis. The two above mentioned findings are both related to hormone levels in the body. Whether this lump is the cause of your "Prickly" feeling is possible if perhaps a nerve is involved but that's really hard to say. Please make that appointment soon !!  Regards ....
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the reason why I haven't gone is because I didn't have insurance at the time...I also was kind of scared but I will be going to the doctor within the next few months..no need to be rude about it (which I know you mean well but still...)
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I don't consider anything I post as "rude" ... things like this are VERY important and having Ins. or not they need to be investigated. It is your life afterall and should never be taken lightly under any circumstances. I think an appointment within a couple weeks is more realistic than "in a few months". If this too is "rude" then I'm sorry you feel that way but I've been there like most of us here and we value our lives.  Regards ....
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