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lump in my armpit do i have to be prepared?

hi i am 25 years old and mother of 3. i am still nursing my 7month old baby. recently i notice that i have lump in the right armpit. i had soft tissue looks swallen for couple years but not the hard ones. when i touch inside of my armpit its moveable and its sore. i went to the doctor and they order me biopsy so now i am waiting for my appointment. but today i recently notice pea size lump under my left armpit. and this one is hard. do i have to concern about this more? and prepare for the result of biopsy? i just want to have an idea of what it could be so i wont be shocked by the result of biopsy. can it be lympoma or breast cancer something like that other than infections or cyst?
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These lumps sound like they might be lymphnodes. These nodes can become enlarged for several reasons; one being some type of infection somewhere in the body. I doubt that this would be related to breast cancer; especially when they have appeared on both sides. When you have you biopsy and get the results you will know the cause of these lumps.
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I get cysts all the times. Most are soft and moveable. Others are smaller and harder. One of the large lipomas is in an awkward place and tends to get sore.

Like japdip, above, because of their locations I was wondering if they were lymph nodes. Ask him?
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thank you for the answers.
yeah i thought about the cysts too but i cant help but think for the worst. try to think in positive way before the biopsy result but its hard.
i donno if this goes with the syptom but i was having alot of bruises recently too. i bump really soft and next think i know i get purpble and blue bruises.
i think i am just paranoide for everysingle thing thats going on with my body :(
i know lymph nodes are in the weird places just like groin and stuff. but when i was reading the lymphoma stuff its soo similar to my symptom so as the infection so its kinda confusing :(
once again thank you for your consideration :)
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