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lump in my armpit

I am 31 yrs old, and have 1 child.  For the past year know, I have had a lump under my armpit, and causes no pain, or discomfort, and had a doc. look at it four months ago.  He said looked like lymphnoids, did a follow up ultrasound today, the techs and docs. at the hospital comfirmed today that it is a swollen muscle in my armpit. I am not sure that sounds right, concidering that just four months ago, my Surgeon says that it was lymphnoids, and that we will make sure it does not grow.  I have had this thing for more than a year, and is not getting smaller.  I do get pain in my ribs, as well as my back and neck, also for the past month, I have been nautious, and get very dizzy.  Every time I go to the doc. office, they say the dizziness is Vertigo, and they gave me Antivert.  The back pain they are saying is related to a previous injery(herniated disk) and I had surgery to fix that in 2003.  Can any one point me in the direction pertaining to a swollen muscle.  
I do exercize, but I am not a heavy lifter, and I have not injured that area where the bump is.  
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Hi there.

It is an option for you to undergo biopsy procedures to ascertain the nature of these findings.  Enlarged lymph nodes are usually a signal of something else, may this be an infection (occult) somewhere in the breast or the glands of the armpit, or from a malignancy in the breast.  The biopsy may also tell us if this is indeed a swollen muscle.

This has been going on for quite sometime now, and it is better to have a closure to this as soon as you are able.

Wishing you all the best.  Regards.
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Thank you very much, is a swollen muscle commen in women, and what type, if there is, of infection could cause this.  I think that my immune system is down for some reason, I have been feeling tired, and have constant sinus infections, along with many yeast infections.  My doctor did blood work, and found that everything is up to par.  I have been having Diahreah alot, and am undergoing a colonoscopy on Monday due to pain in my stomache that radiates to my stomache.  I know I am a mess, but nothing is fitting. Maybe I am not explaining my symptoms properly, but I know that I am alot tired, I get nautious, and feel dizzy alot.  Well, I thank you very much for your assistance.
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