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lump in my left chest

I am a 24 year old man. i'm having a lump in my left chest around the nipple. It's been about 2 months. The lump is not visible but can be felt on touching and it pains on touching too... I'm really worried about this and please reply immediately...
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Breast cancer in the male breast is relatively rare especially at your age,but since you can feel a lump under the areola, then it is necessary to see your Doctor for a clinical breast exam and maybe some type of testing for a correct diagnosis. A painful lump does not usually indicate breast cancer.What you have could be a cyst or an infection or a benign condition called Gynecomastia,which usually occurs in teenage boys caused by hormonal imbalance and also to some men when there is a high levels of estrogen that promotes glandular tissue growth.
Gynecomastia could also be caused by taking certain prescribed medication, which could have steroid properties or the use of illicit  drugs. Even alcohol can also cause the condition.
When you see your doctor let him/her know about any type of drug you are perhaps taking,so that it can be replaced with appropriate medication.
Take care.
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thank you very much for your valuable information.
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