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lump in my right breast. advice please, I'm worried.

New to this community so here's the back story. I found a lump in my right breast when I was about 17. it's oddly shaped and kinda moves when I touch it. I'm on the smaller side. Im 20 yrs old and still only fit in a 32 A from the little girls section. so that gives an idea of how small I really am. being so small it was really easy to find the lump. I showed my mom and got it checked out. the doctor said it was only a fibroid. he said not to worry because since it moves, it's not bad. he said even.tho it could be a tumor, it would more likely be benign and it was optional to take it out. I decided not to because it didn't bother me much. it'd become tender at times but tolerable. today I've noticed that it's been hurting. kinda feels like it's throbbing. even more when I touch it. should I be worried? should I get it checked out again. advice very much needed.
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I would make an appointment with a Breast Specialist for an exam and probable Ultrasound and possible biopsy if necessary. You can definitely have this removed if it is causing you discomfort. If it is indeed a Fibroadenoma (benign breast tumor) another one might appear as some women have Fibrocystic Breast Condition where these tumors occur as well as cysts. They are both thought to be related to homone levels. I wouldn't worry about this being related to Breast Cancer but it definitely deserves investigation and treatment.   Regards ....
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thank you for your input.
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U P D A T E : I took Advil before bed last night and it helped a bit with the pain. now it only hurts when I touch it.
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that's fine .. you can certainly take any of the over the counter pain meds. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't have this checked out though. It's not going to go away and may well enlarge .... Fibroadenomas and cysts both will grow in size; some rapidly and some much more slowly. If it is one of these benign conditions and you can tolerate the discomfort then it can be left alone but it can also be removed if necessary.   Take care .....
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about an hour ago it started hurting again. I will definitely make an appointment asap.
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