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lump normal after biopsy

on march 3 i had a steriotactic breast biopsy. The results were flat aytipal cells. I am set to have exsional biopsy this friday the 20th. I wanted to know is it normal to have a mass in your breast after the steriotactic? the mass was not there before the procedure thank, laura
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Hi,  I can only speak from my own experience, but it sounds like your situation may be similar to mine.  I had a stereotactic biopsy because of microcalcificatons on mammogram.  Results were atypical ductal hyperplasia.  I was then scheduled for an excisional biopsy to remove all of the suspicious area to make certain there were no atypical cells left in the breast and that there were no cancer cells either.  I think you should speak to your radiologist or doctor to explain in detail why you are having the excisional biopsy. best to you.
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Hi,I just want to tell you about my experience; I had a fine needle biopsy and after the procedure I too had a lump, plus bruising.I also had surgery on November last year and still have a little lump where the tumor was.My surgeon examined me and said that this is scar tissue and not to worry about it.With time this mass has shrunk considerably.   .Soon you are going to have an excisional biopsy and the radiologist will surely put your mind at ease about this mass.Best wishes for your soon to come biopsy.
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After reading zouzi's reply, I think I better understood your question.  I had a lump after the stereotactic.  It was tender.  I was examined by the surgeon before the excisional.  I was told it was just a hematoma from the stereotactic procedure.  Again, best wishes to you.
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