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lump on areola

Breast lump.  Found a small lump on areola.  It is fixed, hard and irregular in shape.  It is on the surface of the areola.  Anyone have something like this?  Waht is it?
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Hi there.

This finding can have several causes, including the possibiilty of a malignancy.  Other common etiologies would include infections such as abscess formation.  These can also be due to benign breast lesions such as papilloma or fibroadenoma.  An uncommon condition is Paget's disease of the breast that commonly present in the nipple area.  Since there are lots of possibilities, I suggest you have this looked at by your doctor and obtain adequate tests (like mammogram or ultrasound).

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How are you? Was there a previous injury to breast? Is there a family history of breast cancer?  A breast lump is a growth of tissue that develops within your breast. There are many causes of breast lumps. Some of these causes are harmless, while others can be  dangerous. Lumps in a woman are often caused by injury, infection, fibrocystic changes, fibroadenomas, cysts and even cancer. It would be best to consult a doctor for proper evaluation and management.

Take care and keep us posted.
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I Have a small lump in the areola too ><
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I can felt a little lump when i touch my areola..Is dat normal?
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after my last child-breast fed all 3 my areola developed several little bumps.  i heard this was no concern but i have a lump in my left breast that i have checked and doctors said no concern but on my left areola one of the bumps i can squeeze out white matter about every 3 weeks. about the amount of a good size zit! then it looks normal. it doesnt pop just comes right out with a pinch. does this happen???should i demand a biopsy?
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Its not normal to have a lump in you areola, Gibella.  I had a lump 13 years ago right under the areola and had a lumpectomy to remove it for biopsy and it was an adenoma, which is a benign growth,thats not to say they can't be a cyst or a cancerous growth. You should have any and all lumps checked.
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