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lump on chest near lower ribs - unclear

I am 20 years old and female. I recently found a palpable lump in between the bottom rib and the once above it on my left side.
It is movable and about 1 inch by 1 inch in size.
Sometimes it is more obvious than others (when i am lying down and stretched out, the lump is much smaller. When i tighten that area it becomes more obvious.

I had an ultrasound on it and the pathologist said it was just a bit of fatty tissue but didnt have the circumcribed margins to be a lipoma.

I have been referred to a specialist to make sure.

The ultrasound didnt show any lump at all, just the fatty tissue.

My question is, is the lump likely to be cancerous? I am worried that the fatty tissue showing on the ultrasound is not the source of the lump.

If it is cancerous, does it have a name? is it common.?

thanks in advance
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Dear Worried, The location of the lump, your age would decrease the suspicion that the lump would be cancerous, and would more likely be a benign (non-cancerous) process.   An ultrasound is used to try to tell the difference between a lump and the surrounding tissue.  Sound waves
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Iwent one day tothe emergency room,cause i thought that i might be having heart problems. On the left side of my chest I have a lump on the breast itself. They took exrays and told me that it was a fatty tissue. This was back in August and till this day i still got the lump and pain and know stiffness also, ontop of that i continually to get server neck pain. even though they tell me it is not a tumor i'm scared, because i have enough health problems to worrie about with my renolds sclerderma. also
to or three members of my family has cancer in the breast "what should i do", i'm trully worrie
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