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lump on left breast

hi please can you help i am 30 years old i have never had no problems with my breasts,5 days ago i noticed there was a lump at the top of my left breast just above the nipple then i noticed there was also a bruize in the colour yellow i can not recall banging it or hurting myself in that area it seems that the lump has got slightly bigger over the past few days i am to worried to go to the doctors. I have no idear of the sighns i need to look for i have never checked my breast befor tho i should.please can you tell me is a bruize that is slightly to the left of the lump a bad sighn. I dont have any pain just the normal tenderness that i always get on my bust, i suffer from deppresion so maybe i am worring over nothing but please please any help or advise would be so helpfull.thankyou.
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Hi London,
       The bruise may be a good sign.  You can get an infection in the breast due to some trauma whether you recall it or not.  Just make an appointment with a GYN for an annual which we all need to do regardless of our age.  Chances are you have nothing to worry about but let a doctor make that call.  MV
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