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lump on the axilla

hi! im 30 years old and have this lump on my left armpit since i was 15 years old. It is painful esp during my menstruation. The lump is soft and i dont notice any dimpling on the skin. Is it possible to be a form of breast cancer? Or would this eventually lead to breast cancer? I'm so scared and i've been living with this fear for 15 years now. I would like to hear some opinions  first before i go to the doctor for check up. Please help.
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I also found a lump in my left armpit and went to get an ultrasound. They told me it's an enlarged lymph node and that it is benign.  They also said that they usually don't worry about lumps smaller than the size of a marble ( mine was less than the pea size).
Usually, breast cancer does NOT hurt- so if your lump hurts, that's a good thing.  Also, you should notice whether it grew or not- since you had it for so long, did you notice it getting larger?  
I suggest you go and see your gynecologist and ask for a breast ultrasound. I don't recommend mammography, because it is not accurate and cannot produce accurate results if a woman has very dense, fibreous breasts.
From my own experience , I'd say you have nothing to worry about because it's a lump that hurts, and also, you've had it for so long- by now, you'd notice other sympotms as well. Also, do a yearly blood check-up. It's recommended once a year, and you can see your WBC, RBC- usually, if something is wrong, it will reflect itself on a blood test.
Good luck to you!
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thank you so much for taking some time to answer my question. I somehow felt good after reading your reply although i know that it's best that i consult with the doctor..i really appreciate it so much. I am somehow relieved. I'll see a doctor to have this checked and will get back to you. Wish me luck:) thanks again
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