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lump that moves

I am 42, had a normal mamogram 3/07, in 5/07 I found a small round moveable lump.  I went back to my doctor and she also felt it and gave me paperwork for a mamogram and U/S.  It is now 11/07 and I never had the mam or u/s.  The lump in still in the same place, moves when located and feels exactly the same size.  A couple weeks ago, I located a 2nd lump about an inch from the first one - same type of moveable lump except this one is not perfectly round.  Everything I read says a moveable lump is not a problem....can anyone give me some advice?

Oh, and by the way I know I should go and have the mamo & US, and that would give me the exact answer, but I have been to the dr. for tons of stuff that never turns out to be anything and I just view it as a waste of time and money.  Please let me know if lumps that you discovered were movebale or not.

Thank you so much for your time.
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The fact it is moveable and appears to have a regular (round) shape is reassuring. You are most likely dealing with a  cyst (a fluid filled sac within the breast). What is difficult to feel however, are cases in which there is a predominant cyst, but there is a small solid component. The solid component should be evaluated if present.
You are also correct that for the majority of women, there will be no important findings in the examinations and you can make an argument for their wastefulness. However, consider also that improvements in breast cancer  had only improved since 1990 despite adequate surgeries of more than 100 years. Part of this  changing trend is the start of  mammograms.
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