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lump under arm pit

I recently did a self exam and I felt a small lump in my arm pit like its on a muscle or something. I also lose feeling in my arm and shoulder. It also throws off some strong pain with it. Is this something that I should get alarmed about or should i just wait and see if it goes away in a couple of days.
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I have the same thing.  I noticed mine right before my menstrual cycle a few months ago.  It started with tenderness in the armpit, but then it would go away.  Now I have tenderness in the armpit and my right arm and hand go numb.  It comes and goes.  today is a good day, who knows what tomorrow will bring.  I went to my dr., and I am having an ultrasound on Friday, and an EMG on Monday.  Go to your Dr., my motto is: when in doubt, check it out.
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