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lump under both nipple

I am 28 yrs old Man from India. Single. I am vegetarian, don’t drink or smoke. Now a days I am under mental stress about career.

My question is mainly regarding lump which is form under my both nipple.

1st Under my left side Nipple one hard lump got form.  Which is quite bigger 1Cm.  Not visible. But one can feel  by pressing it.  Fat is form around it & now look bumpy.  [But not like woman breast]. Some time it pains.

Sometimes upper half of nipple feel like swollen seems like water is accumulated over there. & once I press it becomes normal.

After that another got form under right side nipple relatively very small.

Is this some problem with male hormones?

Can this be correct with just medicine only?

I was being said this is normal by 2 MS. Is it true?

How severe it is?

Whom I can consult for this. MS or ?

I have consult one MS [general surgeon & laparoscopic surgeon] .  He said it is not of cancer. He has NOT taken any test. JUST PHYSICAL EXAMINATION BY HAND.

To remove this lump 1st his suggested surgery. When I asked for alternate solution he prescribe me  

Tab NUVIR 100 X 1 Month
Tab EVION 100 X 1 month.
Which I took for month. It reduce a bit.

After that he prescribe me
Tab GynaBlock 100mg or Tab Danozen 100mg 1–1 for 1 month
Tab Proviranum 25mg 1-1-1 for 1 month.
I haven’t taken this.

Never sex till now. Started to masturbate from my 17.  Everything was fine till now.  Was even able to do more than twice a day.

For past few month during masturbate, there is no ejaculation of semen from the penis. Sometime if it comes it is very less & transparent [colorless]. Previously it was normal like whitish & sticky.

I have normal mustache line. But hair color is very light. I have never shaved it.

Few [ about 50 – 60]  hair just grown on my chin area s beard. It growing process is also very slow. If I shave once in 3-4 days is enough.
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Dear 28man:  If the lumps have been evaluated by two doctors who do not believe they are malignant and you remain concerned, you can 1. Seek a second opinion, 2. Remove the lump per the one suggestion or 3. Watch the lumps and address them if they grow.  Without evaluation, we cannot speculate on the cause or the treatment of these lumps.  Regarding the other problems you mention, you may be best served by seeking the advice of a urologist who would have expertise with these concerns.
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