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lump under right nipple

First of all, thanks for reading this and for replying to me.

A few days ago, i realised that my right nipple has a lump uder it. I dont know what could have cause it. im not sure but at first it was near the surface of my nipple, but now i think it sunk a little inside. If im not mistaken, when i first realised it, it was very small, now it is the size of my nipple, but i dont know if it will grow larger or not. It doest hurt very much when i pressed it, just a little discomfort.

Is this a symptom of cancer or what? Can anyone tell me. And im only 18.
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At your age this may well be due to hormonal changes but you might think about seeing your Dr. for an exam and explanation regarding the lump. I would doubt any connection to breast cancer but anytime you notice something new and/or different it deserves to be checked out by a Dr.    Take care ....
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Thanks for ur reply. But seeing a doctor is kinda impossible in this moment for me. And i have been observing the changes. The lump on my right nipple is growing i think. And the discomfort become more real now compared to when the time i first post the question.

And i think my left nipple is starting to develop a lump to but im not sure.
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If the problem in finances there must be a clinic somewhere near you where you could have this checked out. If you are associated with any type of school then with the medical person there. Actually if this is something that is involving both sides then I would doubt anything terribly serious. I still would advise you to seek some type of medical assistance to have it checked out whenever you can manage it.
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after a few day, i dont think my left nipple have a lump under it. but it is still present in my right nipple. But the good thing is, i think it has stop growing. The condition is still the same as a few days ago. No visible changes is detected.
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