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lump while breastffeding

I have a question that concerns me;im nursing my 3 month old baby,and few days ago i nottice a small hard lump in one of my breast,i went to the docktor and he things its just a lump cos im breastfeeding but he also told me to get it done USG,he didnt say much about it,but im worry what if thats really cancerous?why he told me to get that exam done?I must say that that breast i pump only and i have skipped pumping few times.Please help me i need some answers...Thank you!
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You are currently breastfeeding when you noticed the hard lump in on of your breasts.  It is possible that the lump you palpated in one of your breasts is an accumulation of breast milk.  You may try to massage the area or try using again your breast pump regularly to express the milk.
The breast ultrasound suggested will help determine whether there really is a lump or not.  
Hope this helps.  
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