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I found a large lump last night that slightly hurts. I am 44 years old. Everything else looks normal. No discharge puckering or sucking in. It seems like it came out of no where I think I may have checked a couple months ago and it wasn't there.It seems to be moveable. It is over 1 inch in diameter and elongated. I am an R.N. and feel like a fool I never noticed sooner. Is there much hope it isn't cancer.
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Good Morning .... Probably a cyst, don't you think ??? Fibroadenoma of course is also a possibility. No need to tell you to make an appointment to have it ck.d out, right ?? Clinical exam, Mammogram and/or Ultrasound should define it for you. Come on now; we're only fools when we ignore something like this ..... make an appointment fairly soon, OK ??     Take care .....
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Thanks for posting. I do have an requisition for tomorrow. I guess I was just looking for some options of what it could be other than cancer. I'm hoping fibroadenoma. It feels  hard and when the Dr. looked at it she said there was no way to tell but that it is quite large. One of the frightening things is how much it hurts. The pain goes into my neck and down my arm but the Dr. said it was quite moveable. The waiting is the hard part, and the trying to smile. My 9 and 13 year olds just made me a birthday cake so I'll have to try to put it all into the back of my mind until tomorrow. Thanks for listening.
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Enjoy that cake ..... eat a piece for me and Happy Birthday. Cysts and Fibroadenomas most always hurt .... cancer isn't usually associated with pain unless it's IBC and you don't have any of those symptoms ..... Take care  
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Hi, I went to my appt. today and had the mammogram and ultrasound. The radiologist and the technician said it is two fluid filled cysts. I made an appt for tomorrow to see the Dr. that ordered it. I am major relieved and thanks japdip for your wisdom but I am still concerned with this pain and even more concerning is that my glands on that side of my neck are now swollen. My neck hurts when I palpate it and so does my armpit and forearm. I also realize we are dealing with some plugged lymph possibly but I wonder about the neck thing. I do think it will resolve once drained but I'm wondering if I should go up to ER today as I am a bit dizzy. That said I would assume plugged lymph could make me dizzy. Maybe it's just nerves. Any thoughts as I feel I am rambling. Thanks. Nessie
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Well I woke up this am and the lump in my breast was almost gone. It was at least half the size it was. My neck no longer hurts and the glands appear nearly normal. my arm no longer hurts. Go figure. I had booked a gp appt to figure out what to do next and she is sending me to a surgeon for follow-up. I'm wondering if anyone has any idea of what they will do. Apparently the cysts are fluid filled but something must have opened or popped for it to go down so much. Anyone else have this experience?
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