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I am a 50 year old male, I feel a hard lump behind my right nipple extending upwards above the nipple a little bit. Can men get breast cancer? If so, what's the difference from a cist compared to a cancerous lump? My lump doesn't hurt, but has a slight itch from time to time. I've had this lump for a little over 6 months now, it was smaller when I first found it. Could you please respond ? Thx for reading this.
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As to your first question .... YES, males can indeed develop Breast Cancer. There is no way to tell the true nature of any lump by "feel" ... a cyst of course is usually filled with fluid but can also be filled with a solid material. A cancerous lump would be more solid but please this is no way to ascertain what the lump you describe might indicate. You need to make an appointment with either your own Physician or a Breast Specialist and have some testing done .... most likely an Ultrasound as a first type of investigation. The only true way to diagnose Cancer is by some type of biopsy. I would advise you to start this investigative process as soon as possible.  Regards ....
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I totally agree with japdip. I hope you went and had it checked out by an ultrasound. That will tell them whether it's a cyst or not. And the biopsy is the final test to tell exactly what it is. Hope all is well.
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