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Hi im new to this, and im really worried, i found a lump in my armpit that hurts when i press it, i found it when i was nearly 6 months pregnant, i had an ultrasound scan on it and the doctor said that he thought it was just breast tissue that has develpoed under my armpit and that because i have no lumps in my breast i shouldnt worry and that it will more than likly go when im breast feeding or when ive given birth.

Im now 7 and a half months pregnant and have now found a lump in my breast on the same side, its quite big, proberly 2 finger ends, kind of big, it wasnt there when i went for ultra sound but it is now, ive been to the doctor and have an app at the breast clinic in 2 weeks, the lump is quite prominent and dosnt hurt like the one in my armpit, i do have discharge but it milk and its coming from both breast, so im not worried about that, i do have an achy feeling in my ribs behind my breast and my armpit aches and sometimes my arm aches too, i know no one can diagnose me but was wondering for some advice.

I am trying not to worry and have the support at home, but its still hard not to.

There is no family history of cancer in my family.

Thanx for anyone support.

Becklee, xx
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Maybe you need to tell the doctor and request a mammogram and ultrasound. Most likely it is nothing to worry about but at least it will put your mind to rest.
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You're correct, it's impossible to say over the internet ... these areas could very well be some type of cyst or Fibroadenoma and both can be somewhat related to hormone levels (Fibrocystic breast condition). It's good that you have the appnt. at the Breast Clinic and I'm certain you will receive some help there. I'm sure there will be another ultrasound done then and more answers will be available to you then. Try not to stress too much over this and let us know the results of your visit to the Clinic.   Regards .....
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thankyou i definatly will do, thankyou for replying to me, xx
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