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lumps in a teen

i am 18 years old and have just found a lump in my right breast in the upper/outer side.  it feels hard and round and doesnt seem to move around.  it has gotten bigger in the last few days. my period is due now also.  i have been having harder periods in the last few months also with more cramps and heavier flow.  the lump didnt hurt when i first noticed it but the last few days it hurts especially after i examine it.  i see that you say a lot that breast cancer doesnt hurt.  when you say that do you mean a cyst or something else would be a consistant pain or just pain on and off. also how big can a cyst get? i am worried sick and will see a doctor after my period ends but i am scared sick even thinking about it.  i am only 18.  i dint think i could have something like this.
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Dear ebbie:  It is very unlikely that the lump you are feeling is cancer.  Many young women have cysts in their breasts that increase in size and become tender prior to their period.  It will likely get smaller after your period.  It may not go away.  Cysts can vary greatly in size and do not need to be treated in most cases unless they cause persistent discomfort.  For your own peace of mind, keep the appointment with your doctor but in the meantime, it probably is not cancer.
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cysts are extremely rare at your age. More likely for a round lump in a teenager is a fibroadenoma, which is a harmless tumor. They aren't dangerous. Often they are removed to relieve symptoms or for peace of mind. Cancer at your age, without a strong family history of breast cancer at a young age, is highly, highly unlikely. Have it checked; but don't get too worried!!!
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this would possible help you...

I am a female of 25 years of age & presently ion india, I felt this lump in my left breast 8 years ago & immediately got a biopsy done &it reported that it is benine. Now I just wanted to remove it completely as was moving abroad & the histopathology report showed that it is malignant. " Infiltrating duct carcinoma".

The histopathology report is as follows:
" Maximum diameter of tumour is 1.5cms. Sections show an infiltrating duct carcinoma of breast. The tissue is cellular, predominantly solid with mild stromal connective tissue reaction.Central necrosis is present in some tumour lobules. Adjacent breast tissue shows intraductal component & lobular invasion. There are possible lymphatic emboli. The tumour is moderately differentiated (grade 2). Some parts of the tumour show dense lymphocytic infiltration at the periphery."

Now I will be going in for MRI & ultrasound of axillatomorrow.

Please let me know what are the possible treatments for this. Is it compulsry that I go for mastectomy, complete breast removal & then be subjected to radiotherepy & chemotherapy, or is threre any chance I can save my breast? What about my sexual life after all this?

please guide.
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