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lumps in chest

i am male and had an ultrasound on 2 small lumps in the left breast and the written report says that the largest lump (3mm) contains a tiny calcific focus with no internal vascularity demonstrated. It says the other one is a small cyst and that no other solid mass or architectural distortion is seen. It also says the retroareolar region and axilla are normal. If a lump has a tiny calcified focus does that mean cancer? and do you think i have anything to worry about?

Gp has referred me onto a general surgeon for further consultation. Are they just being safe or should i be worried?
Thanks for your help
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Even if your Ultrasound shows a little lump with tiny calcification,it’s more than likely than not that it is benign.
You have been referred to see Surgeon to review your Ultrasound  films for a second opinion and determine if this very little 3 mm lump (with no internal vascularity means the lump is most likely non cancerous) should be further investigated.
Do you know what is your BIRADS score assigned on your Ultrasound report ? BIRADS is a quality control system,used by radiologists after interpreting mammograms,ultrasound and MRIs.This system allows radiologist to categorize the findings by numbers.The scores go from 0 to 5.The higher the number the more suspicious is the abnormality.If you don't know what your BIRADS score is,you could call your doctor or the Radiology Institution to find out about it.
Knowing the category number,can give you an idea if the lump in your breast is nothing to worry about, or if it should be monitored every 3 to six months,or biopsied if the score is 4 or higher.
If the Surgeon orders a biopsy;keep in mind that a vast majority  (about 85%) are negative ( no cancer)especially because breast cancer in men is quite rare.
Please let us know how things are proceeding by adding your comment on this same thread and I hope that everything will turn out just fine.
Best wishes...
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