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lymph in finger?

I had lymphedema while getting radiation following lumpectomy and removal of 25 axillary nodes (one positive) 13+ years ago.  Cuts on my hand do not heal well unless I use medicated band-aids.  A few months ago I had a all cut on my forefinger that I let heal naturally( but slowly); but continued to feel itchiness in my palm & finger after it appeared healed.  About 2-3 months ago I got another tiny cut on the forefinger & also the skin on my thumb had a small crack.  I used the medicated band-aids & they healed fairly quickly.  I have noticed a soft, movable, tender lump at the base of my forefinger between it & the middle finger.  I believe the lump had been hard at one time.  I still have a little palm itching.  I'm beginning to think that this may be lymph.  Has anyone experienced this?
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This doesn't really sound like Lymphedema to me ... you really should use precautions concerning your arm and hand as the risk for Cellulitis is pretty high under these circumstances. Lymphedema usually presents with tightness, pain and swelling of the affected area. I would have this ck.d out by your Dr. as it may well be something else. I have had some surgery on my hand on the operative side and had no problem with healing ... there may be something else going on here if you have delayed healing.     Regards .....
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