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lymph node/gland question regarding cancer

Hello , my question is .....

an area above my collar bone and an area under my left arm keep swelling up this has gone on for 2+ weeks , and it is tempororary and goes down again several times a day cannot actually feel the node , my question is with cancer if these were swollen lymph glands that were being affected by cancer , would they go up and down or with cancer is it allways a lump that stays solid and never goes down ?

any feed back walmly wellcomed ,

my other symtems are current cough 11th week , started with a cold which had a productive cough now left with a strong chronic cough non productive , had x ray that was clear , am having blood test tomorrow and chest clinic appt this week ,
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When there is an infection or inflammation somewhere in the body, lymph nodes may enlarge,but it doesn't necessarily mean that cancer is present,particularly if the lymph nodes seem to shrink.
As far as I know,CT scan are not used routinely to evaluate the breasts especially if it's early breast cancer.It is usually ordered if there is a suspicion that cancer has spread to other part of the body,such as the head,chest or abdomen.A scan could be ordered to check the lungs due to your persistent coughing .
Mammograms,Ultrasounds and MRIs are the usual tests to detect breast cancer.It's good that you are having more investigation done to find out what is causing the nodes swelling and I hope that there is nothing serious there.
All the best...

P.S.Please,if you have any additional questions,it would help if you keep them on the same thread by using the space below the answer/s you have received.This helps to have all your information together.
Thank you.
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