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lymph nodes swelling

lymph nodes swelling
by skytub

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Female, 47 years
sarah - MS
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, Nov 08, 2008 06:46AM
I am 47 yrs old, a year ago or little longer i started noticing nodes in neck were swelling told the doctor, nothing well about 6months ago started having throbbing in left chest could not tell where the throbbing was coming from breast or heart and told the doctor he sent me to heart doctor they found nothing to be alarmed about, so scheduled me for ct on ct showes a round object about the size of a small marble in the right lower lobe of lung so he has scheduled me for a pet scan, about 10 yrs ago they found some lumphs in left and right brest but decided they were nonmylgment, am scheduled for another mammogram in dec. of this year I know that my breast has been swelling for years i thought it was normal they have done it so long. well i guess my question is what should i be looking for out of the ordinary?oh the doctor did say all of my nodes were swelled but he did not say where i know in the left breast under left arm cause i can feel the swelling i also hurt some under the left sholder blade..right breast at one time swelled up just under the nipple to the left some at one time and had like a pimple would do. except it got as large as a large marble and ozed a bit then healed back up fine.
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