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lymphedema treatments

I had a breast biopsy done in February.  Lump turned out fine.  My breast never healed right.  I developed a white wheel, which moved around depending on whether I was wearing a bra or not.  After a few days I developed an itchy, red rash, and the skin on the under side of my breast took on an "orange Peel" appearance.  My primary Doctor thought it looked like mastitis, so prescribed an antibiotic.  I got no relief.  So a week later I went back to the Surgeon, who took one look, and scheduled me for a biopsy for inflammatory breast cancer less than 48 hours later.  This was 2 days ago.  No results from pathology yet.  My question:  Does lymphedema present like this?  And if it is lymphedema ( and we're hoping), what can be done to treat it?  I am tired of itching!
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Dear annienb, Lymphedema is swelling in the arm or leg caused by excess fluid that collects after lymph nodes and vessels are removed by surgery or treated by radiation.  Lymphedema can occur within a few days, months or years after surgery.

From what you describe the situation doesn't sound like lymphededema, wait to see what the biopsy results come back as, and the further evaluation/recommendations of the surgeon.
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