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male breast cancer

I'm a male..i have this lump under my left  nipple for ages (  i think since 18 and now I'm 33). it  doesn't hurt constantly but sometimes creates discomfort when it gets roughed. It doesn't grow over the years but I'm concern if it will develop to cancer. I heard there are cases of male breast cancer. My nipple is not swallen and its perfectly normal like the other.  

This discussion is related to mole on breast since age 13.
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It's really very hard to tell you over the internet what this lump could be...but since you have this lump for so long and it didn't grow or change in appearance,I doubt that it could  be breast cancer.
Breast cancer is quite rare in men,but it can happen especially when they get older.
The best advice I could give you is to have this lump checked out by your doctor.Maybe running some tests will be recommended to find out the true nature of this lump.
Please go see your doctor or a dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis.
Take care and best wishes...
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