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male breast cancer?

My husband is 50 years old, he just noticed a lump in his left armpit.  It is about the size of a large pea and it can be moved.  Is this something he should be seen for??? Thanks
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Dear inh:  Most male breast cancer presents as a lump in the breast area.  Lumps under the arm could be related to many things, including an ingrown hair or infection.  However, if this is new, it would not hurt to have it evaluated by a physician.  
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Not the Dr. here but until they respond. Yes he should see a specialist. Has he been sick? Lymph nodes can sometimes swell due to some type of infection. A good site to visit for info on males with breast concerns is breastcancer.org. Go to community support and join the discussion board there. There is a forum there for men with lumps and some with cancer. Scroll doqwn til you see it. Or post on any of the other forums for info. Hope this helps. I wish you well.
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He had some polyps removed from the colon in August.  He ended up with infection from that surgery, so he was in the hospital for a week on introvenus levoquin and he was on levoquin for aprox.  5 weeks after that.  He ended up having a drainage tube inserted through the abdomin so the infected blood pocket could drain, that was in for about a week.  He has been feeling ok, less some pain in the abdomin area due to healing, since then.  
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