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male breast lump

My boyfriend had discovered a hard lump, about a size a little bigger than an adult thumb behind his right nipple and he says he can feel a slight pain when u gently press or squeeze it and he's had it for about 3 weeks now...he's made an appointment to go get it checked but wanted to see if u can give him any ideas of what it might be? And if age matters, he is 34 years old..

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A male breast cancer,particularly in males over 60, typically presents as a painless mass behind the areola but  malignancy or cancer in young  male breasts is relatively rare.This could be a cysts or an abscess caused by infection and also Gynecomastia due to other causes like drugs or hormonal imbalance.
It’s a good  thing that your boyfriend will see his Doctor soon ...It’s very important to have this lump checked out to make sure it’s nothing serious.
Best wishes to both of you..
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