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male lump in one breast

im a 38 yr. old male, since my 20's i had a knot in my right breast.  every doctor i would go said it would go away.  well, now, like said im 38 yrs. old, and it has grown.  it is more of a mass around my nipple but still feel a knot on the upper side closer to my arm pit.  there is one on the other breast too, but not the size of this one.  and it hurts bad.  and is noticable that the breast is larger.  i went to a breast clinic and had a mamagram and sonagram.  they couldn't find anything.  where two weeks before, my hometown doctor found two on a sonagram.  i have had to take some new medicine.  i was on thyroid medicine for short time, and am currently on metoprolol, for high blood pressure.  it does seem like it got worse around this time that i started taking this medicine.  i use to be very healthy.  i was put on zyprexa which messed my body up, along with after a tornado having panic and anxiety attacks.  i got so down i was put on low thyroid med, got diabetes from the zyprexa, high blood pressure, high trygliciites, and have colitis.  which bothers and hurts me as much as the breast thing.  i know this goes beyond just the question i asked, but i just wanted to vent my sorrows.  thanks for listening and God bless .
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You seem to have a significant number of health problems but I see no connection between the breast lumps and your medications. I'm not sure what to advise since you have been to a Breast cinic .... perhaps a Breast Specialist (not necessariy a Surgeon) might be able to shed some light on the problem.  Regards ....
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I'm a 3 yr & 7 month breast cancer survivor.  I've learned more about breast cancer then I ever wanted to know.  :(  But one thing I can tell you is when your young...like back when you were 20 years old most doctors ignore lumps like yours thinking your too young to have anything serious.  (And please don't panic...I'm not saying you do have anything serious...I would have no way of knowing that.)  I'm just trying to make a point.

I get so frustrated at the doctors that blow off woman and mens complaints about lumps in their breast because their young at the time...and even more so for men that are young.  Men can and do get breast cancer so its good you are being pro-active for yourself.  Now that your 38 yrs old and the lump has grown and you think you feel enlarged lymph nodes under both armpits...I would seriously make yet another appt until you get this figured out.  This will worry you sick and you have a RIGHT to know whats causing this lump to grow.  That is not normal so find breast center that specializes in "breasts".  (Don't go to the same one you went too...find another one that will take you serious.)  A "Breast Center" should have a surgeon that will know what this is.  Up to 80% of lumps are benign...but you need to be checked just in case.  The fact that its growing and you have enlarged lymph nodes means something is going on.  

Your doctors told you it would go away and it hasn't after all this time so I would seek out another opinion asap.  You have enough medical issues to worry about...you don't need this dragging you down.  You need an answer and you DESERVE one.  You hang in there and let us know what you find out.

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japdid and Rinda, thanks yall so very much for your concern and advice.  i am going to follow up on this ailment, i have to do something, i can't stand the pain that it gives me along with all my other pain, mainly the colitis.  i will keep yall informed as to what is happening or what i find out.  thanks again.
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