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medullary breast cancer

iam 42 yrs old and deducted with medullary carcinoma of left breast in july2008.my er/pr and her-2 status is negative with no lymph nodes.i was given adjuvant treatment i.e lumpectomy,8 cycles of chemo and 30 sittings of radiation.now iam completely cured and back to normal life.but iam worried that i was not given hormonal treatment,as er/pr status is negative.i heard that triple negative cancers are aggressive.but mine is medullary whose prognosis is very good.iam confused and worried about recurrence.please guide and suggest any precautions for the future.
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Dear arkshanthi,  Many breast cancers, especially those diagnosed at an early stage, are hormonally responsive - meaning that their cells grow in the presence of the “female” hormones estrogen (“E”) and progesterone (“P”). Both are naturally manufactured by and circulate in the human body, although at amounts that decrease after menopause, and with increasing age.   ER/PR status being negative means that the cells do not have estrogen or progesterone receptors on the cells, and would not be stimulated to grow by the presence of estrogen or progesterone.  Because of this, hormone treatment to block or lower estrogen would not be used to treat or prevent this type of breast cancer (ER/PR negative).  You may want to have a discussion with your oncologist about the follow-up plan now that you have completed your cancer treatment.

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