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mucinous breast carcinoma

hello! i m 45.doctor has suggested i hv mucinous breast carcinoma.my bilateral sonomamography report says that an ill defined lesion is noted at 8'o clock position of the right breast.it measures abt1.2 cm *1.2 cm * 0.7 cm in size.it shows irregular margins.
another similar lesions is noted at 9"o clock position of the right breast. It measures about 2.0 cm* 1.8 cm* 1.5 cm in size. it shows irregular margins. Finger like projections into the surrounding parenchyma are seen. Architectural distortion of the surrounding parenchyma is seen.
overlying skin and nipple are normal bilaterally.
no lymph nodesare seen in both axillary region.
plz tell me your openion abt report and what type of surgical treatment will b given
note: * is multiply sign.
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Dear marshal970:  This report means that there are two suspicious lesions in the same breast.  If they have not been biopsied, this would be the next step.  If they both appear malignant, mastectomy may be recommended but this is really a decision to be made by your breast surgeon who has all the information about your situation.
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